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Mission Statement

The National Association for Environmental Education is the association for teachers and lecturers, headteachers, advisers, inspectectors, education officers, trainers and students, and all who are concerned with any aspect of education and the environment.

The National Association for Environmental Education (UK)

started life in 1960 as the Rural Studies Association, since then the Association has been instrumental in the formation and establishment of many environmental groups and organisations, most notably the Council for Environmental Education (CEE), which is now Sustainable and Environmental Education (SE-Ed).

We believe that young people have the right to an experience of, and interaction with, their local, national and international environment and that such experiences are critical in forming an appreciation of the value of the planet and its inhabitants, which in turn leads to sustainable living.

Having continued our mission for more than ten years with no state funding, the Association is run by members and volunteers who care passionately for the provision and delivery of environmental education at all levels of the curriculum.

Our executive members have a wide selection of experiences in the delivery of education, both in and out of the classroom, and apply this knowledge and understanding to assist education professionals in the delivery of Environmental Education (EE) in support of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). In addition to offering support for educators and education professionals who wish to improve the quality of teaching in environmental subjects, the Association is committed to campaigning for the return of environmental education to the national curriculum.

photo professor William ScottNAEE President Professor William Scott


Viscountess Cobham
Mrs Anne Kenrick, MBE
Professor T. O'Riordan
Professor J. Palmer
Professor M. Waters

Honorary Life Members
Prof. David Bellamy

NAEE Curriculum Guidance

Download the NAEE Curriculum Policyhere, and

Guidelines for integrating environmental education into the curriculum (compiled by NAEE Joint-Chair Gabrielle Back) here

Environmental Education - The effective, efficient and enjoyable way to enhance all subjects

A summary of how environmental education can be used in all subjects across the primary curriculum. Compiled by David Fellows, NAEE Executive
Environmental Education (pdf)


NAEE Executive Committee

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